Smoothie, anyone?

Smoothies, Frozen

We decided to make eating fruits+veg easy and fun by blending clean smoothie ingredients into a scoopable, delightful frozen "ice cream." Bye bye, blender, hello spoonfuls of nutrient-dense deliciousness!

100% clean ingredients

Super-charged frozen nutrition

= YUM.

Catering Your Next Event

Our smoothie freeze bowls are the perfect tasty + healthy treat for your next event. No more bagel breakfast food comas here.

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(you're in good company)

"Thanks so much, Sweet Nova, for giving us a great, frozen sweet indulgence without the guilt! Love it!"

- Liz G.

"Such a great product! Didn’t think something healthy could taste so yummy. It’s one of the best tasting smoothies I’ve ever had."

- Susan K.

"I almost felt guilty for not feeling guilty after I ate all of it in one go."

- Alex M.