Meet your new favorite superfood treat: The Smoothie Freeze

What's a smoothie freeze?

Glad you asked! It's a delicious superfood mashup between a smoothie and an ice cream--no blender required. 

Our smoothie freezes are dairy-free and only use whole, plant-based ingredients that we can pronounce...resulting in a refreshing, satiating, all-natural snack boost that can power you throughout the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in-between).

pitaya blueberry boost - sweet nova smoothie freeze

What people are saying:

Such a great product!  Didn’t think something healthy could taste so yummy.  It’s ones of the best tasting smoothies I’ve ever had.  Since I started my paleo diet more seriously, I was always sad with the limited choice of dessert.  Once I discovered sweet nova, that solved my problem. Thank you Sweet Nova! 

~Susan K.


Thanks so much, Sweet Nova, for giving us a great, frozen sweet indulgence without the guilt!  Love it! 

~Liz E


“I almost felt guilty for not feeling guilty after I ate all of it in one go.”

~Alex M.


“I absolutely adore these! They taste delicious, and the texture is absolutely perfect; smooth, thick & creamy. Love that the ingredients are all natural, and there are no processed sugars. The smoothie freezes are great as a snack, or a quick light meal any time of day. If larger sizes are offered, would make for a great smoothie bowl base. I'm a fan :)“

~Daniela A.